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 Home Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet (Cable and ADSL)

Homecall  broadband internet adsl cable 512k
Homecall offer two packages, Homecall Broadband Standard which gives you a speed of 150K for £19.99 per month (3 x dialup speed) or £17.49 if taken with a landline phone package; and Homecall Broadband Extra, which gives you 512K for £24.99 per month. The £24.99 package also includes all local and national telephone calls.

Key Facts

A standard dial-up internet connection has a speed of up to 56k (but usually less, around 40k) so a standard broadband connection at 512k is around 10 times as fast.

"Bandwidth" is the size of files that you download from the internet. Whenever you surf to a page, files are downloaded (images, text etc) and of course if you download music or video files. 1GB is approximately equal to 1000MB, an MP3 (music) file typically is around 4MB in size.

Broadband Quest
Broadband Quest offer unlimited bandwidth via their 512k ADSL broadband service. There are services available for both home and office use.

You can get NTL's broadband cable, telephone and digital TV in certain parts of the country where the NTL cables have been placed. However, in non NTL cabled areas you can subscribe to NTL's Freedom service if you have a BT line. Speeds are up to 1.5 Mb - about 25 times faster than a dial up connection.

Virgin offer two 512K ADSL plans - Plan 1 has a monthly bandwidth allowance of 3GB and Plan 2 has a monthly bandwidth of 20GB - enough for moderate downloaders but heavy downloaders would be better off looking for a truly unlimited service.

BT Broadband
BT offer three packages, from £17.99 per month to £26.99 / month. The cheapest option offers a bandwidth allowance of 1 GB / month, the more expensive options off a bandwidth allowance of 15 GB / month. None of these services would be suitable for heavy downloaders, although they would be great for surfing and limited downloads. The speed of the cheaper connection is 512k, and for the more expensive is 2 MB - very fast.